UNIRAZAK Postgraduate Research Scholarships, Malaysia

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
The new postgraduate research scholarships, available for students pursuing Master of Science (Management) or Doctor of Philosophy; are funded by the Malaysian Government through the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) and Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS).
Scholarships cover the cost of the students' tuition fees and welcome applicants of all nationalities, although fees may vary for international students.

Alongside receiving full funding for their tuition fees, students on the scholarship programme will be assigned positions as research assistants to principal investigators working at the university on a number of research projects, including service innovation, halal supply chain, social network development, sustainability management, economic & social indicators, emotional labour, service commercialization and transgenerational entrepreneurship. Students will be required to balance their studies with their work, and the latter can make them eligible for a stipend towards their living costs.

Such an influx of research assistants will be a great boost for UNIRAZAK, which is steadily positioning itself as a research university in the areas of business and management and already boasts an impressive number of specialists developing projects and conducting research onsite.

Having a research role alongside their studies will also be a superb experience for postgraduate students, allowing them to gain practical experience on research projects and industry knowledge that could prove beneficial for their future careers.

Anyone interested in learning more about this programme or applying for a research scholarship on either the Master of Science (Management) or the Doctor of Philosophy postgraduate course should contact Dr. Dewi A. Sapuan on dewi@unirazak.edu.my before 29 July, citing "2013-2014 UPRS" in the subject line.

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