Cambridge International Scholarship, UK

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme is a prestigious scheme of approximately 80 full scholarships for international students.

It was founded in 2009, and is funded by the Trusts with assistance from the University, from external funding partners, and from Departments and Colleges that have agreed to contribute to these awards. The scholarship competition is administered jointly by the University's Student Registry and the Trusts.
Scholarships are offered to the PhD applicants who are most highly ranked by their respective Departments, across all disciplines. Scholars are chosen by a selection panel including representatives from each of the six academic Schools within the University. The only factors taken into consideration are academic ability and research potential, examination results, and references. The financial situation of applicants does not affect the selection of scholars.

In the case of some selected candidates, the Trusts will subsequently identify partner organizations willing to provide part of the cost of the scholarships, but the Trusts will meet the balance, and where necessary the whole costs, of these awards. The value of the scholarship is equivalent to the University tuition fee, approved College fee, and an annual living allowance for a single person. The length of the scholarship is three years.

Scholarship application deadline is early December.

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