PhD Positions at the University of Trento, Italy

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
The University of Trento in Italy announces several PhD positions in different areas.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION: 29th cycle – academic year 2013/2014

Ph.D in Economics and Management
Number of positions: 9
Number of grants: 9

Ph.D in Local Development and Global Dynamics
Number of positions: 4
Number of grants: 4

Ph.D in Sociology and Social Research
Number of positions: 10
Number of grants: 10

Announcement of selection: published in “Gazzetta Ufficiale 4a Serie Speciale - Concorsi ed Esami” nr. 40, May 21, 2013.

Application’s deadline to participate in the selection: 3rd of July, 04.00 pm (Italian time).

Click here for further details and application


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