The Fulbright African Senior Research Scholar Program (ARSP)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Once again the United States Embassy in Tanzania invites applications for the United States government's Fulbright African Research Scholar Program (ARSP) for the year 2013 - 2014 from qualified Tanzanians.
The Fulbright ARSP for the year 2013 -2014 consists of two programs: one for Research Scholars grant and the other for Curriculum Development Grants.
Applicants must have excellent command of English and be Tanzanian citizens currently working in Tanzania. Applicants should have approval from their home institution.

Research Grants
Awards of 3 to 9 months are offered for African university faculty or research institute professionals to conduct research in any academic discipline at a U.S. academic or research institution beginning no earlier than August 2013 and no later than March 2014. Preference will be given to individuals with a doctorate degree, at least three years of university teaching experience, a productive scholarly record, and whose projects relate directly to their ongoing teaching and/or research responsibilities. Length of grants is determined by research requirements as demonstrated in the proposal.

Program and Curriculum Development Grants
Awards of 3 to 5 months are offered for African university faculty or administrators to conduct research in any academic discipline at a U.S. academic or research institution beginning no earlier than August 2013 and no later than March 2014. Proposals should be linked to professional duties and demonstrate how the scholar will use the knowledge gained to develop new courses, curricula, or programs at the home institution. These grants are designed for less experienced scholars who may not have had access to current research or instructional developments in their disciplines. University faculty who do not hold doctorate degrees are eligible for awards in this category but need strong letters of reference or invitation to convince the academic review panel to nominate them for awards. Length of grants is determined by research requirements as demonstrated in the proposal.

The African Research Scholar Program includes a special set of grants for scholars with proposals in HIV/AIDS-related research. Scholars in all academic disciplines are invited to formulate proposals with an HIV/AIDS focus. Candidates may apply either as research scholars or as program and curriculum development scholars.

Additional Information on Eligibility
  • Applicants must be citizens of the country from which they apply or permanent residents qualified to hold a valid passport issued by that country.
  • Applicants must not have received a Fulbright grant for study, teaching, or research in the U.S. within the last five years.
  • Preference will be given to individuals who have had no experience or only limited experience in the United States.
  • Proposals involving doctoral dissertation research, post-doctoral research immediately following completion of a doctoral degree, or general professional travel, are ineligible.
  • Proposals for clinical medical research involving physician training, patient care and contact cannot be approved under the Fulbright Program.
  • Applicants must have sufficient English proficiency to carry out their research projects and collaborate effectively with colleagues. TOEFL exams are not required, but Posts may choose to institute local English language testing, if necessary, to evaluate applicants’ language skills.
  • Applicants must be in good health. Successful candidates will be asked to submit a Medical History and Examination Report.
  • Scholars who were unsuccessful in previous competitions may re-apply. Repeat applicants should revise their proposals, update curriculum vitae, and obtain current letters of reference.
  • Scholars must indicate the type of grant for which they are applying (research or program and curriculum development.
  • Letters of invitation or identification of potential host colleagues or institutions may be part of an application but are not required. Applicants are discouraged from requesting affiliation with an alma mater. Applicants unfamiliar with U.S. institutions and scholars may rely on CIES to recommend suitable placements.

Applications should be submitted online through Embark system( Applicants should create an account and then follow instructions to complete the application. When sending supporting documents to the Fulbright Program Coordinator, send copies of transcripts and certificates. Candidates successful passed Tanzanian review committee will be requested to send originals and certified copies at a later date for nomination for the Africa-wide competition.
Deadline for submission of applications is July 31, 2012. All applications should enclose a brief (not more than two pages) outline of the research proposal highlighting the problem statement, its relevance to the institution, the method of investigation and a preliminary work plan

Applications should be submitted to:
The Fulbright Program Officer,
Fulbright ARSP
686 Old Bagamoyo Road, Msasani,
P.O. Box 9123, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
Voice: +255 222294000
Fax: +255 222294722


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