PhD-student position in Population Genetics, Stockholm University, Sweden

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
PhD-student position in Population Genetics at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University. Reference number SU FV-0796-13. Deadline for applications: April 2, 2013.
Insect life cycles – ecology, genetics and genomics

We are seeking a PhD student in population genetics to be active in the research project ”Insect life cycle genomics and adaptation in the wild”, with financial support from the Knut & Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Swedish Research Council. The large-scale project is a collaboration between researchers with expertise in population genetics, ecology, ethology, morphology, immunology and molecular genetics with the aim to attack central biological questions regarding how genes interact to produce a whole organism with a life cycle that is adapted to local conditions. The central idea of the project is to take on these difficult questions by means of an integrative, cross-disciplinary approach, with a close interaction between research on two insect systems: the green-veined white butterfly Pieris napi and the fruit fly Drosophila. The ecology of the butterfly has been intensively studies by us and others, and the research collaboration also includes expertise on Drosophila as a model system. This gives us the opportunity to genetically compare butterflies known to be adapted to different ecological situations, and when we find genes that are candidates for being involved in such adaptation we can study their effects in the Drosophila system.

We will initially target three phenotypes: diapause, wing pattern and immunity. We will make use of platforms at e.g. SciLifeLab,, for next generation sequencing, RNA-Seq and other high-throughput services. The advertised position focuses primarily on the butterfly P. napi. Our research group has published extensively on the ecology and evolution of this and related species, and we are in the process of generating a high quality P. napi genome. The PhD position may include all steps from field- and laboratory experiments to analysis of genomic data and gene expression (RNA-Seq).

Qualification and competence
To be qualified for research studies in population genetics the applicant must have completed a research degree (e.g. Master’s), or have passed at least 120 hp (2 years) of biological studies, including an approved independent project of at least 30 hp at advanced level (“examensarbete”) within population genetics or a related subject. Applicants, who have in principle acquired the corresponding competence in Sweden, or abroad, are also qualified.

Criteria for selection

Among qualified applicants, selection is made according to the ability to profit from the studies. The criteria to be used are properly documented competence within the described research area, capabilities with regards to speaking and writing in English (and Swedish, when relevant), analytical thinking, creativity, initiative, independence, and team work performance. The applicant’s earlier experience within the field of research can be of relevance especially when further documented by university courses, independent research works, personal references, interview and an application indicating the applicant’s motivations in written form. While bioinformatics and programming experience is not required, evidence of such experience, or interest in obtaining such experience, is sought.

The application should contain
  1. maximum one A4-page of personal presentation and letter of intent/motivation,
  2. CV (including methodological skills),
  3. Copy of independent project thesis,
  4. Copies of degree certificates and transcripts of academic records (attested),
  5. Contact details for two academic referees.

Job details
The PhD-studies include 48 months of full-time studies with financial support. During the first year an appropriate study grant will be supplied, which will then be changed into full employment as a PhD-student for the final three years.


Contact for further details: Dr. Chris Wheat +46-8 164020,,

Union representatives

Anqi Lindblom-Ahlm, SACO, Lisbeth Häggberg, ST (08-162000) and Gunnar Stenberg, SEKO (070-3164341).
Please send your application, marked with the reference number
SU FV-0796-13, no later than April 2, 2013, to:

Documents sent by e-mail should be in Word or PDF format.
Note! Please include the reference number SU FV-0796-13 in the subject line.


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