The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

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Google is seeking applications for the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The scholarship is aimed at encouraging women to excel in computing and technology, and become active role models and leaders.

Multiple scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of candidates’ academic performance, leadership experience and demonstrated passion for computer science. A group of female Bachelors, Masters, and PhD student finalists will be chosen from the applicant pool. The scholarship recipients will each receive a €7,000 (or equivalent) scholarship.

In June 2013, all scholarship recipients and finalists will be invited to visit a Google office in Europe for a networking retreat. It will include workshops with a series of speakers, panels, breakout sessions and social activities, and will provide an opportunity for all finalists to meet and share their experiences.

Eligibility requirements
Candidates must:
  • Be a female student enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters or PhD programme (or equivalent) in 2013/2014.
  • Be enrolled at a University in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa. Citizens, permanent residents, and international students are eligible to apply.
  • Be studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics, or a closely related technical field.
  • Maintain an excellent academic record (e.g. a First Class Honours degree).
How to apply
The scholarship for 2013 is now open. The closing deadline will be 1 February 2013.
Please complete the online application and submit all requested documents by 1st February 2013. All application documents must be in English. Scholars and Finalists will be notified in April 2013.

You will be required to submit the following:
  • Up-to-date copy of your CV
  • Answers to the following questions (Suggested word count is 400-600 words per question. You should treat question 1 and 3 as technical reports or research papers):
    • Describe a significant technical project you have worked on. If you have worked on a major independent research project (such as research for a Master’s or PhD programme), please describe that work here. Give an overview of the problem and your approaches to the key technical challenges. If this was a group effort, be sure to specify your individual role and contributions.
    • Give one or two examples of your leadership abilities. Explain how you were influential and what you were trying to achieve. These need not be demonstrated through formal or traditional leadership roles. Feel free to think broadly and examine the many ways you impact members of your technical community.
    • Suppose someone gave you the funding and resources for a 3- to 12-month project to investigate a technical topic of your choice. Write a short version of a proposal, including a description of the project, your planned methodology, and your expected results. Please pick something other than the project you described for the first question.
  • Transcripts
    • Bachelors: A copy of your current academic record.
    • Masters: A copy of your previous and current academic records.
    • Phd: A copy of your previous academic records.
  • Enrollment confirmation for 2013/2014 or confirmation of graduation date
    • Please include with your application an official enrollment confirmation or a confirmation of your graduation date issued by an official authority of the university e.g. your departmental administrator or a professor.
  • Recommendation letters
    • Two strong referral letters from individuals who are qualified to evaluate your academic and leadership accomplishments, e.g. from a professor, adviser or supervisor.
For specific questions not answered on this page or in the FAQ section, please e-mail

Korean Government Scholarships for International Students


The Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students in order to promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between the participating countries.

Undergraduate Scholarships
Korean government invites 100 international students from 62 countries who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Korea.
To be selected as a KGSP grantee, any applicant should successfully pass through the 1st selection process set by the Korean embassies (or Consulates) of his or her origin.
To apply for the program, please contact the Korean embassy (or Consulate) in your country. Also see the links below for contact information.
Application deadline may differ from one country to another.

Graduate Scholarships
The scholarship is available in all majors of general graduate schools. Up to 600 scholarships will be offered annually.
Both applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of the foreign country (Applicants cannot have Korean citizenship).
Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for a long period of time.
Should be under 40 years of age.
Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Scholarship value
Airfare: A round-trip economy class ticket
Monthly Allowance: 900,000 won (KRW) per month
Research Allowance: 210,000 won for students in human and social sciences; 240,000 won for students in natural and mechanic sciences per semester
Relocation (Settlement) Allowance: 200,000 won upon arrival
Language Training Fee: The full costs up to 1 year
Tuitions: All admission fees are waived by the host institution. The full tuition is paid by NIIED.
Dissertation Printing Costs: 500,000 ~ 800,000 won for the costs related to a printing dissertation
Medical Insurance: 15,000 won per month (limited insurance coverage) will be provided to the university for students.
Special fund for students proficient in Korean language (TOPIK level 5 or 6): 100,000 won per month(Commencing from the main program)

Further scholarship details can be found at

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

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The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships target highly-qualified students from the countries listed below. The scholarships will be awarded for studies in Sweden, starting in August 2013 and covers both living costs and tuition fees.

Countries The program is open to candidates from two different categories of countries. Please note that if your country is included under Category 1 – you can only apply within that category.
Category 1:
Candidates with citizenship from the following countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Category 2:
Candidates with citizenship from countries on the DAC list of ODA recipients can apply to this program. Priority will be given to candidates from Algeria, Botswana, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Syria, Tunisia, Vietnam, West Bank and Gaza strip and Yemen.

Candidates with citizenship from the following countries, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine cannot apply to this program.

Citizens from Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine can only apply within TheVisby Program.
Citizens from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia can only apply within the program SIScholarships for East Europe.

Citizens from Turkey can only apply within TheSwedish-Turkish Scholarship Program.

Study Level

Scholarships are intended only for master’s level studies in Sweden starting in the fall semester 2013 (August). Please note that the scholarship is not eligible for bachelor’s level studies.


The scholarships are intended for students from the above-mentioned target groups for full time studies in Sweden. There is no age limit for scholarship holders.
Scholarships cannot be granted for students who:
  • Have already lived in Sweden for two years or more previous to the scholarship period.
  • Have a permanent residence or work permit in Sweden.
  • Have previously been awarded a Swedish Institute scholarship for studies at Master’s level or research at a Swedish university. However students who have attended a Swedish Institute summer course in the Swedish language may apply.
  • Already hold a Master’s degree from a Swedish university/university college.
  • Are currently enrolled in a study program on Bachelor’s or Master’s level at a Swedish university or university college.

How to apply for a scholarship

First apply for studies at a Swedish University
Prior to applying for a scholarship, you must apply for a study program at the Swedish official online application service University Admissions,  Deadline for applications is January 15, 2013. You can apply for a maximum of four study programs.

Submit the payment of your application fee to University Admissions before February 1, 2013.

Then apply for a scholarship
The scholarship application period for the academic year 2013/2014 will be February 1-11, 2013.
Please note that your application fee to University Admissions must be paid before you submit your scholarship application to the Swedish Institute.

The eligible study programs for SI scholarships have been selected by the Swedish universities. The list of eligible study programs can be found here.

Please observe that your personal application number retrieved in the confirmation from your study program registration has to be used when applying for a scholarship.

A list of successful candidates will be published on before deadline to accept your place at the study program at

More information about the application procedure can be found here.

Scholarship benefits and period

The scholarship covers both the tuition fee (which is paid directly to the Swedish university/university college by the Swedish Institute) and living expenses to the amount of SEK 9,000 per month.
The scholarship is only awarded for programs starting in the fall semester 2013 (August) and is granted for of one academic year, i.e. for two semesters at a time. It will be extended for programs longer than two semesters provided that the study results are satisfactory.
The scholarship is designed to cover living costs and study expenses for the scholarship holder. There are no grants for family members. The granted scholarship period cannot be altered or extended beyond the study program period nor can the scholarship be transferred to another study program at a Swedish university.

Travel grants

Scholarship holders will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship. The travel grant is a one-time payment of SEK 15,000.


Scholarship holders are insured by the Swedish State Group Insurance against illness and accident during the scholarship period.

Fordham Business Challenge 2013, New York, USA


Apply for the Fordham Business Challenge ’13 and compete to win one of 8 available full-tuition scholarships to study a specialized Master of Science program at Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) in New York City fall 2013.

Recent graduates and young professionals holding a university diploma WORLDWIDE, or undergraduate seniors who will obtain their Bachelor’s degree by June 2013

Prize Value
First place winners (8) will receive a full-tuition scholarship and an invitation to attend the prize ceremony in New York City in April 2013.  Second place winners (8) will receive a half-tuition scholarship

Scholarships available for the following eight Master of Science programs:
There is a program for everybody!
Study Engineering? Check out the MSBA and MSQF programs.
Want to earn two degrees while traveling the world? The 3CMGM program is just for you.

Read about all 8 programs at www.fordhambusinesschallenge.comand find the one that is right for you!
 Application deadline: February 1, 2013

 Register at and take the challenge by answering (3) multiple-choice question sets and (1) essay question

 Fordham GBA
Fordham GBA offers students from around the world the opportunity to study in the heart of New York City while being part of a vital and exciting community.

At Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration (GBA) you have access to outstanding academic resources and unparalleled access to the global capital of business, finance, media and marketing – New York City

Akili Dada Fellowship Program for Young African Women


The Akili Dada Fellows program awards year-long, renewable fellowships to young women leaders engaged in social change projects of their design. 

The program serves as an incubator providing financial, intellectual, mentoring, and networking resources to young women as they grow their projects to scale and sustainability.  These fellowships were created in direct response to the absence of African women among the ranks of those celebrated in existing social entrepreneurship incubators.

The program grows out of our belief that African women, especially those from poor communities, are best positioned to design solutions to the challenges facing those communities. The  goal of the program is to build the capacity of some of the continent’s most innovative young women changemakers to drive solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing African society.

Under the re-designed program, fellowship selection is now based on the strength of a candidate’s social change project, previous leadership initiative and experience, willingness to learn from peers and more experienced mentors, and a willingness to share their own skills with peers and intended beneficiaries.  Fellows must have deep roots in the communities they seek to transform and come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Selection is not necessarily based on past academic performance, as a strategic aim to invest even in those young women who have not previously had access to formal education.

Akili Dada Fellows benefit from a modest stipend to sustain themselves for the duration of the fellowship, a series of seminars from experts in the field and site visits to successful social change organizations; an assigned mentor; access to the Akili Dada network of funding partners and social change agents; and access to Akili Dada’s office facilities. By the completion of the fellowship the Fellow is expected to be leading a strong, sustainable and accountable initiative that is bringing about measurable social change.

Qualification Requirements:
  1. Be a woman between the ages of 17-35.
  2. Be from an economically disadvantaged background.
  3. Demonstrate previous leadership initiative and experience.
  4. Be implementing or in the process of conceptualizing a social change project aimed at providing a solution to an identified challenge in their community. (3 page proposal expected with the application)
  5. Demonstrate that they have deep roots in the communities they seek to transform.
The deadline to submit applications is 15 January 2013.

Further details about the program can be found at

SMLC Postgraduate Bursaries, University of Leeds, UK

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The School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Leeds is offering bursaries  for students undertaking taught and research MAs and PhD programmes, full-time and part-time, starting in September/October 2013. 

Both Home/EU and international students are eligible to apply. The School offers postgraduate teaching and supervision by leading researchers in their fields within the disciplines and Centres listed above.

Bursary applications are invited from highly qualified prospective students of all nationalities for MA and PhD by research and for taught MA programmes.  Applications will be considered on academic merit alone.  You can find listings of all taught MA programmes offered by the School on the postgraduate study webpage or in Coursefinder.   

For more information and informal advice, please contact:
Taught MA Students email telephone +44 (0)113 343 3234/0233
MA by Research and PhD students email or telephone +44 (0)113 343 7844