Postgraduate Scholarships for African and South American students at Aston University, UK

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The School of Languages and Social Sciences is offering three scholarships to students from Africa and South America. Scholarships are supported by the Ferguson Foundation which is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for students who would not otherwise be able to consider study in the UK.

The scholarships are available to students applying to on campus programmes offered in the School of Languages and Social Sciences.  

If successful, you will receive a scholarship of approximately £6,000 towards the cost of your MA course fees. You will have to contribute £6,000 (approx) towards your MA tuition fees.

The deadline for applications is 30 April 2013.

To be considered for the scholarship, you must:
  • Write a two page letter stating why you feel you deserve the scholarship, how you hope to benefit from the opportunity and the contribution you hope to make in your home country following the degree.
  • Submit a 2000-3000 word essay on one of the following topics:
1.       What do you consider to be your major strengths and weaknesses? How might an Aston MA help you address them and enhance your prospects?
2.       What would you be able to contribute to other students in your group?
3.       Describe a significant success or failure from your professional experience and explain what you discovered as a result.
  • Send confirmation of sponsorship or maintenance funds for your fees and living expenses. You may send a confirmation letter from your sponsor or proof of available funds to cover your expenses whilst studying at Aston University.
Submit both pieces of work to

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For further information, send an email to telephone: +44 (0121) 204 3762.


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