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Specialized workgroup software (such as Lotus Notes) that provides structure and means to collaborate, exchange ideas, debate, decide, and coordinate activities. It allows the members of a team to use the same pool of data, via connection to a local or wide-area network (such as Internet) spanning countries and continents. Also called collaborative tools.


Fixed Charge

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Lien or mortgage on a specific fixed-asset (such as a parcel of land) to secure the repayment of a loan. In this arrangement the asset is signed over to the creditor and the borrower would need the lender's permission to sell it. The lender also registers a charge against the asset which remains in force until the loan is repaid. Also called fixed debenture. See also floating charge and fixed charges.


Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

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Independent US body responsible for establishing and interpreting the GAAP mainly for use in the North America. Its accounting standards, generally speaking, result in greater transparency and ease of analysis of a firm's finances than the accounting standards of several other countries. The comparable UK body is Accounting Standards Board (ASB).



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The capacity and willingness to undertake conception, organization, and management of a productive venture with all attendant risks, while seeking profit as a reward. In economics, entrepreneurship is regarded as a factor of production together with land, labor, natural resources, and capital. Entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, and an essential component of a nation's ability to succeed in an ever changing and more competitive global marketplace.

Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)

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Process by which member countries of an economic community (such as the European Union) maintain exchange rate parity among their currencies. The currencies are allowed to fluctuate with respect to one another within a specified limit. If the exchange rate between any two currencies reaches the limit, the central banks of both countries intervene to bring it back within the limit.


Cash Flows From Operating Activities

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Section of a cash flow statement that shows cash receipts and payments resulting from transactions associated with the determination of net income of a firm. Also called cash provided by operating activities. 

Formula: Net income + Depreciation and amortization + Net changes in accounts receivable + Changes in accounts payable + Changes in inventories + Changes in other operating activities.


Data Integrity

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The accuracy and consistency of stored data, indicated by an absence of any alteration in data between two updates of a data record. Data integrity is imposed within a database at its design stage through the use of standard rules and procedures, and is maintained through the use of error checking and validation routines.



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Research method for testing different assumptions (hypotheses) by trial and error under conditions constructed and controlled by the researcher. During the experiment, one or more conditions (called independent variables) are allowed to change in an organized manner and the effects of these changes on associated conditions (called dependent variables) is measured, recorded, validated, and analyzed for arriving at a conclusion.


BUENAVISTA COLLEGES: What am I living for?

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Facts of the case

  • The school has the following courses offered:
            - Engineering
            - Nursing
            - Business Administration
            - Arts and Sciences
            - Education
  • The school is experiencing profit instability
  • Buildings need renovation. One building needs demolition
  • Few of the brightest members of faculty resigned to better-paying jobs
  • Shortage of instrumental supplies
  • Hope to resolve the crisis through infusion of additional funds
  • Number of scholars
  • Reward system
  • Tuition fees the lowest in the region 
II. Point of view
  • Mrs. Villante
III. Statement of the problem
This case analysis attempts to ascertain some major causes of the problem of the Buenavista Colleges. Mainly, it will be focusing on resolving issues encountered by the school. 
Specifically, it aims to answer the following given questions:
1.                          With whom would the case analyzer align himself as to resolving as a point of view?
2.                          What good points of Mrs. Villante’s and Rudy’s (son of Mrs. Villante) arguments?
IV. Objective
            The case analysis aims is to produce outputs that would help resolve the crisis Buenavista Colleges’ is facing and resort to good outcomes.

V. Areas of consideration (SWOT ANALYSIS)

-          Courses offered
-          The idea to resolve the crisis through fused additional funds
-          Thousand of scholars
-          Employee reward system
-          Low tuition fees
-          Brightest members of the faculty
-          The school is dwindling in profit instability
-          The need of building renovation and demolition of one building
-          Shortage of instrumental supplies

-          Turn few of the scholars into Working Scholars
-          Reduce manpower upon the existence of the Working Scholars
-          Continue the employee reward system
-          Increase 5% of all tuition fees at least every year

-          Bankruptcy 
VI. Alternative courses of action (3 with advantages and disadvantages)

1.                          Mrs. Villante’s idea of having each of her sons produce to produce 1 million pesos is one good alternative course of action. With the 5-million-to-be coupled with the help of the existence and fully operating working scholars, it will help the school to reduce cash out instead of cash in. the only disadvantage here will be, it is going to be a sacrifice from each of sons end.

2.                          The employee reward system is also a good strategy that has been existing in the school that just needs to be enhanced. By this time, it should be a reward system for really good performing employees. However, it would somehow increase the rate of employee resignation because some of the employees who have enjoying the reward system are those that are non-good performing employees in the workplace.

3.                          Motivation for the remaining brightest faculties would also be a good tool. It will encourage them show good examples to the non-good performer faculties to do good at work as well and be included to the few remaining brightest faculties. In contrast, there might some faculties who resistant to changes and prideful.

VII. Conclusion:

Whatever confrontation will arise from between Mrs. Villante and her son Rudy, still the bottom line is to save the school from bankruptcy. Therefore the best thing alternative course of action to take is the one that best suit to addressing the problem.

VIII. Recommendation

The three alternative courses of actions are good tools to address the problem. However, the best recommendation I will have implemented as Mrs. Villante’s point of view is the first one.

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Management System

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Management System is a documented and tested step-by-step method aimed at smooth functioning through standard practices. Used primarily in franchising industry, management systems generally include detailed information on topics such as:
(1) organizing an enterprise,
(2) setting and implementing corporate policies,
(3) establishing accounting, monitoring, and quality control procedures,
(4) choosing and training employees,
(5) choosing suppliers and getting best value from them, and
(6) marketing and distribution.

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